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There is no end to creativity as many have distinguished themselves in different professions. Keone Madrid sure knows how to put talent to good use, along with his spouse Mariel Madrid. The duo has proved to the world that dancing is much more than body movements. They are known to add a sprinkle of fresh steps into every performance and they have mastered an urban dance styling that can best be described as spectacular. You will understand what we are talking about is you are an avid follower of Jennifer Lopez’s World of Dance.

Moreso, Keone Madrid has choreographed for celebrities like Kim Hyun-Joong and Jasmine Villegas. The famed choreographer has worked with crews such as Culture Shock San Diego, Future Shock San Diego, as well as Formality. He also choreographed and directed for the crew known as Choreo Cookies. Read on to satisfy your curiosity about the popular choreographer.

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Taylor Russell is a talented actress of Canadian origin. She rose to prominence with her sterling performances in television series Falling Skies, Lost in Space, Strange Empire, and Escape Room. Russell has captured the heart of many and continues to maintain her place in the limelight with her outstanding acting skills. Here is a look at her journey so far as well as some facts about her personal life.

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The National Football League (NFL) has produced outstanding talents and still does so every year as it provides the opportunity (through the yearly NFL Drafts) for youngsters from high schools and colleges to fulfill their dreams of playing at a professional level and in the process make a name for themselves (or not). Spencer Ware is one of such quantities.

The American football running back presently plays for the Kansas City Chiefs in the league. Being such an outstanding player has got many fans and upcoming athletes keen on knowing about the professional life of Spencer Ware and also other interesting details that propelled the athlete in him. Read this article to find out more details about the Kansas City Chiefs running back.

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Haloti Ngata doesn’t belong to the class of Ireland Boys instead he traces his athletic gene to his extended family lineage which has produced about two other footballers and counting. Irrespective of this trademark, his emergence into the football scene didn’t just come on a platter of gold, rather it was a product of consistent training, impressive performance, and a strong interest in the round leather game.

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Elaine Joyce is an established veteran in the film and movie industry. Throughout her career which has spanned well over 5 decades, the actress has been in more than 100 projects. This includes movies, television, and stage productions. Joyce made her acting debut in the early 1960s with an uncredited role in West Side Story, and since then has gone on to become one of the most celebrated actresses in Hollywood history.

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Even if Cooper Manning isn’t the host of the Fox Sports show, The Manning Hour, he would still be famous for a good number of other reasons. Although this bloke is currently most known for his stint with Fox Sports, the business world recognizes him as one of the prominent figures of AJ Capital Partners – he is a Senior Managing Director of the private real estate company’s Investor Relations.

Disregarding that, his first claim to fame was probably for being the eldest son of one of NFL’s finest quarterbacks, the ex-American footballer, Archie Manning. Cooper walked in his dad’s shoes for a while and caught more attention for himself. He was set to make exploits in NFL but was unfortunately stopped by a health issue that effectively terminated his blooming career.

In addition to the foregoing, Mr Cooper is associated with the attainment of his younger brothers, Peyton and Eli Manning who have both done well for themselves as professional American football quarterbacks. In fact, Cooper was the reason Peyton picked the no. 18 jersey when he kicked off his pro football career with NFL in 1998. It is said that he chose the number his brother (Cooper) was known with when he played football in order to honor him.

Cooper Manning Bio (Age)

You don’t have to make speculations about Cooper’s age anymore as it has been authenticated that his birth happened on the 6th of March and in the year 1974.

According to his official records, his place of birth was in New Orleans, Louisiana which was equally where he was brought up by his parents, Archie (father) and Olivia (mother) Manning alongside his siblings.

To the best of our knowledge, all Cooper wanted as a young lad was to become a football legend like his dad and he was good at it. It is said that he and his brother Peyton proved that they are indeed their father’s sons in high school where Cooper played as a wide receiver. It was super obvious to everyone that he would go on and build a career for himself in the game. As such, it wasn’t a surprise when Cooper signed with the University of Mississippi.

But as fate would have it, he was soon diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a health condition that destroyed his hopes of making history at NFL. Cooper was devastated but he embraced his fate and moved on to other endeavours.

Now a media personality, Cooper Manning has taken on a variety of media roles. In addition to being the host of Fox Sports’ The Manning Hour, he makes contributions for Fox NFL Kickoff and conducts interviews for the media outlet. His profile with Fox acknowledges him as an accomplished public speaker and director of Scotia Howard Work, an energy firm in New Orleans.

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When what you do runs in your family, you can’t help but thrive in it which is the case of English actor, Toby Stephens who comes from an entertainment family as both his parents, brother and sister-in-law are all acclaimed film stars.

Toby who did not rely only on hereditary traits to excel is also known to have enhanced his acting skills at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). When he entered the film industry, he became known for his superb role as Gustav Graves in the film Die Another Day which brought him to the limelight and over the years, he has won several awards which includes The Theatre World Award, Ian Charleson Award, and Sir John Gielgud Award for the Best Actor.

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